Declaring Interests – Colchester


I should state, for the record, a little about my relationship with Colchester.

Firstly, I wasn’t born here. I think that’s important. I’m not living here by circumstance. I’m not a default Colcestrian.

I chose to move here a number of years ago.

Before that I frequently visited it’s Roman-wall-encased wonders.  I realised it was a good place.

Secondly, I am losing my belief in political left and right.  Increasingly people are becoming more difficult to slot into little boxes of Leftard or UkipNaziScum.

Things have changed. You can be strongly espousing Socialist views and yet think that a nuclear deterrent might be a good thing. You might be attending an evening on strengthening capitalism in your local business community but be aghast at the number of homeless on the streets as you walk home.

Things are not as polarised as they once were in the ‘simple’ world I grew up in, where it seemed there was Left or Right plus a sprinkling of protest groups for those on the fringes.

Personalities were big and easy to understand. Relatively.

Today’s politics is murky, disingenuous, divisive, media-driven, splintered.

The people – us – the regular Jos & Joes… We have to try to follow this. We have to decide where we fall, what we do. Who do we lend our vote to in a broken system no longer suited to the many colours of the modern world? Why should we vote at all? Perhaps activism and local involvement is more powerful, the more devolved things become.

It ain’t that easy for us common folk.

And so what I’m trying to say in a very roundabout way is that I will not be allying with any one political apparition.  I may well agree with aspects of many a local politico’s opinions. Indeed we are all of us really opinionated chatterers of politics.  Every time we retweet or post on Facebook about wearing Poppies or 🐷 masks, when we discuss our energy bills and the gosh-darned parking problem in the town centre – we are involving ourselves in politics.

So that’s what this is about.

I’m going to use somewhat of a scattergun approach, and if it’s not too much of a mixed metaphor, shoot from the hip on most occasions.

Please join in, if you have even the vaguest interest in Colchester and it’s environs.

Looking forward to engagement ☺

The Colcestrian


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