Does Colchester care about the disabled?

A provocative title always draws in the punters… It is Easter Half Term and as a father have the task of keeping the little ones entertained, this is the awkward part when you learn that the …

Source: Does Colchester care about the disabled?


Does Colchester care about the disabled?

Colonel Camulos

A provocative title always draws in the punters…

It is Easter Half Term and as a father have the task of keeping the little ones entertained, this is the awkward part when you learn that the Colonel has a 11 year old disabled Son.

As you do, let us start with Visit Colchester website, nice enough site click on ‘what is great for kids’ then look for disabled children. Nothing, well let’s use the search function…. hmm Knowles barn has two ground floor rooms but it may not hit the spot for my son.

Wait ‘Accessible Colchester’ this seems the ticket… well erm go to the Zoo? My Son has a Gold Card from his school in Lexden Springs so that place is more played out than Gangnam Style. (Plus a tad blowy from that naughty Katie)

So onto the next website, let us try Colchester Council, nothing obvious so hit…

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The Missiles Are Flying – Hallelujah!

This has been a long time coming.  I acknowledge the huge gap in time since my first main blog. This is not due to lack of ideas, but rather a glut which I am finding hard to cope with. 
There is so much to write about, so many news stories and local issues, most of which have already been covered so well by some great minds. I don’t really know where to begin, so I think I’ll probably do a series of mini blogs and apologies if I’m retreading ground already sufficiently covered!!

For today, Trump… Lord help me…


I am aghast that this joke candidate from previous years, this self-promoting toddler of a man, has become the Republican front runner for the US presidency.

Compare and contrast with the last couple of presidential elections – it is incredible.  It is so unfathomable, that the Democrats are pretty much leaving well-alone until such time as they may have to admit they are running against an open fascist with no moral centre.

In previous years at least the Democratic candidate had an idea of the Bible-thumping, war-mongering, oil-baron types they were up against.  This time all bets are off.  If Cruz can’t pip Drumpf at the final count then they are going to have to come up with a way to deal with surreal during the campaign proper.

Trump really is a different beast.  His awful rise to prominence has in turns amused, shocked and then worried millions of people around the world.  I myself feel as though I’m living through a nightmare dystopian 1980’s movie (Martin Sheen as Donald Trump – Dead Zone).

I’ve seen jokes over the course of a few months change from slightly light-hearted Back to the Future‘s Biff Tannen being the Mayor in a terrible version of the future (Biff/Trump), to a more uneasy chuckle of Twelve Monkeys style lunatic asylums full of time travellers coming back to kill the actual Donald Trump (12 Monkeys/Trump).

People are genuinely becoming worried, and with reason.  This person may very well become the Republican choice to go up against (very likely) Hillary Clinton.

In recent times the US has tended very much towards the Democrats, and you would hope to see this trend continue – in that sense, then Trump is no threat to whichever Democrat candidate stands.  The engagement of the black vote, the youth contingent, ever more American women voting – largely consequences of the Obama years – all these factors point overwhelmingly towards Democrat leadership… however, in this uncertain fear-based political climate, where many in our internet population seem to have forgotten cause and effect, I can almost see it happening.

Can you just imagine the shame, though?  Think of it – looking back at those US presidential coin collections (Real Now!), commemorative booklets or even flipping Wikipedia entries in future years where the long line of presidents is listed…

Can you even contemplate what that would be like?  Can you stand to see that face staring back out at you from 45th position on the list?  It makes me feel bad enough that old George W is there, not to mention Nixon and i’m sure you have a few others, but at least they were actual politicians.

Don’t think this couldn’t happen here either!  Farage, Johnson and others like him employ the same rhetoric, spout the same lies, raise the same fear out of people. They just have less cash.

They lie big, and repeat. We don’t care. We vote on single small issues kidding ourselves it’s a protest against the man. We vote for personality. We fear THEM.
We like to think we’ve learned from the past and that we are distant from it.
This is how to sleepwalk into a fascist state.
Argue and you’re a loony, lefty, communist layabout.

Trump won’t win.

He has virtually the same politics as Cruz, without the politeness filter on. There’s a fair chance that Cruz will be chosen instead as the GOP candidate.  In the end it doesn’t really matter.  The damage is done.  It’s been shown to be acceptable to act in the way Trump does and still think you can hold, arguably, the highest office on the world stage.

We have a lot of work to do.

So, I’ve vented now and that is that.  I’m going to think happy thoughts about going from the first ever president of African American heredity to either the oldest ever president or the first woman president.

Anyway, Trump means Fart, as my Dad used to say.

The Colcestrian
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