Notice with regards to my candidacy

Colonel Camulos

imgres-1 My Pith 

My intention to stand as a candidate in the Colchester Council Elections on May 5th  was based on serious message delivered with a tongue in cheek approach and an anarchic twist.

The majority of Councillors that I have engaged have been good sports and come across very well. I always think that when you come across as human instead of a ‘manifesto’ machine you become more likeable.

To think that actually ‘Ed Ball’s’ and ‘Ed Miliband’ come across so much better now, than they did during the election.

This is because they are relaxed and natural.

However, this was meant to be fun for me and it is with regret and because of various circumstances, I am not going to turn in my nomination papers.

imgres-6.jpg Meep?

Let me explain.

I have contacted various attractions, pubs, clubs and venues about holding an event for with high jinx and putting across the message.


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