Fixing the link to ertneC nwoT

Colonel Camulos

Untitled presentation

Let me start with saying that the ‘Fixing the link’ concept is a good idea, the sentiment mind you, not the business terminology for which will be its legacy.

I imagined this all started with a Problem statement such as;

‘We have a railway station that serves all the main routes to London & Ipswich but it is the furthest away from the Ertnec Nwot than Hythe (Soon to be Colchester Hythe) and Colchester Town’

Ok then, next steps let us build a ‘Elevator Speech’ as we need to elaborate so we can justify what we are doing;

‘We will not address the issue of distance, instead we will gamify the experience by placing stuff along the route and maybe something about local heritage?’

So you have walked this route and everything is fine?

“Of course, yes mate, it is fool-proof”

I like your confident attitude and will give this a try, I…

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