Pay it forward

Colonel Camulos


On a much lighter note my blog this week has been inspired by the Homeless in Colchester.

No, I am not going to rant on about the excesses of the Super rich and self-serving behaviour of the establishment as we cannot control this, however will hope to inspire you to have the opportunity for you to do a little something of your own.

The concept of Pay it forward or Random Acts of Kindness is as you expect a selfless act to brighten someones day in any aspect, with the reward for yourself being the joy it brings to others.

This is the most infectious and addictive feeling in the world, and I enjoy doing such things regularly and anonymously.

This behaviour struck me in the early 1997 when I was asked to review a book by an author called Tony Robbins, a self-help author from the US of A. Naturally I procrastinated…

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