Dignity in Colchester

Colonel Camulos

Day two of my blog about Colchester and still focusing on the Half-Term for Children with disabilities.

You only have to look out of the window to see the awful weather and know what you will face if you leave the house with the kids and go into Town or to an attraction.

The weather plays a big part in my blog today and will return back to the subject of disabled changing facilities in Colchester.

There is a current campaign on Twitter from the excellent @cp_consortium (Changing Places) and following them is a real eye opener.


There is a current campaign going on called the #Barefootchallenge where celebrities, politicians and influencers are asked to tweet a pic of their bare feet in a public toilet.

IMG_7692 You can see where I am going with this…

The list of people who have participated has included MP Andrew Gwynne (Labour…

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Disabled Parking in Colchester

Colonel Camulos

It is Half-Term again and this week, and will be writing a series of blogs highlighting the issues people with disabilities face in Colchester.

Today was a trip into the Town centre, which is always a chore especially with a wheelchair.

You can never get a spot in the High Street as it is difficult to figure out the restrictions so the only available street level parking is in St Marys (all 8 spaces of it).

Before the usual protest about the ‘disabled’ being able to park in any space in a car park, allow me to explain by going back to the High Street.

imgres The High Street has the following parking for the disabled.

This is suitable for people with mobility issues, however if you require access for a wheelchair the High Street Parking is not suitable at all.

This is because you need a clear boxed off space…

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Is it possible to build bridges across the Left/Right Divide?

Erin Summers Norman

Is it possible to build bridges across the Left/Right Divide?

This is a question that has been much on my mind of late, as Colchester and the greater world has become more and more politicised.

I don’t presume to offer any solutions here, but there does seem to be a problem that needs dealing with.  In my efforts to provoke positive change for my community, I have worked with people across the political spectrum.  I don’t need to be friends with everyone I work with, though I love it when work brings like minds together and friendships bloom.  Maybe there isn’t enough blooming happening.  People these days seem to be quickly summed up as “Left” or “Right” and little more.  The Lefties and Righties all crowd together, both camps bitching about the other and both proclaiming to have all the answers.  What we have though, is a shared origin and…

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It Couldn’t Happen Here…

Bloody Immigrants.

Coming over here, stealing our jobs, filling up our schools, clogging up our NHS, taking our council houses, congesting the roads…


And so on and so on.


Even if you buy into the myth that most of these humans are so-called ‘economic migrants’ moving to a new bit of land where the living conditions are better, rather than fleeing war or horrors beyond war…

Even if you think that, then so what?  Who hasn’t moved their family from one place to another to improve their lot?  Did you consider the socio-economic ramifications of your move on the area you were entering?  Did you worry about crossing any arbitrary borders set up over millennia of tribal wars of societies past?

If you think that suddenly, despite the fact that 28 countries having to agree on new members joining the EU, Turkey is going to begin pouring its population through the channel tunnel, then you really need to reconsider your approach.

Moving house is a huge pain in the backside.  Often quoted as one of the most stressful things in existence.  Imagine moving country.  Imagine what that involves.  It’s not popping to see a movie one evening.  My other half moved countries and I can tell you it wasn’t a walk in the park, and it remains with her to this day, and always will.

Imagine moving country not through any kind of real choice, but because your home has exploded.  Having mingled with actual escapees from war, I can report that resettling after that is not like checking out the location of the nearest post office or convenience store.

Take this interactive test… Let us all know how you got on…


But it couldn’t happen here!  Phew!  It only really happens to brown countries…

Imagine Trump getting the US presidency…

Imagine Johnson becomes PM…

Imagine Brexit causes a domino effect and the collapse of the EU…

Imagine Putin expands his Ukraine campaign…

This isn’t fear-mongering – this is a study of history and how people react to actual fear.

It could happen here.

Books for Children

Erin Summers Norman

Greetings all!  If you were at the Evening of Arabic Music recently held in Castle Methodist Church, you might have seen us announce Perkin’s Family Trust’s new project.  As many of  you know, Colchester has led the way in welcoming refugees fleeing nightmarish, war torn conditions.  We have shown that not only can it be done, but it can be done with great success from the grass roots levels upwards.

Perkin’s Family Trust is a charity for ALL children.  We do not exclusively work with refugee children, we simply do what we can as and when we can.  Many of you have donated to our collections for the local homeless shelter, and women’s refuge.  Right now, we are working on a project to bring literature to these children who have been through so much, and made Colchester their home.  Reading opens doors, it opens up new worlds, it expands our…

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