Disabled Parking in Colchester

Colonel Camulos

It is Half-Term again and this week, and will be writing a series of blogs highlighting the issues people with disabilities face in Colchester.

Today was a trip into the Town centre, which is always a chore especially with a wheelchair.

You can never get a spot in the High Street as it is difficult to figure out the restrictions so the only available street level parking is in St Marys (all 8 spaces of it).

Before the usual protest about the ‘disabled’ being able to park in any space in a car park, allow me to explain by going back to the High Street.

imgres The High Street has the following parking for the disabled.

This is suitable for people with mobility issues, however if you require access for a wheelchair the High Street Parking is not suitable at all.

This is because you need a clear boxed off space…

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