Kids Clubs Colchester

Colonel Camulos

The holidays are over and they have been a complete washout or an ‘epic fail‘ as my daughter has stated.

We had visions of going to Clacton and eating fish & chips on the beach whilst basking in glorious sunshine, however when you look out the window it just depresses you.

The weather is no one’s fault, not even Cllr Dominic Graham’s.

Onto the subject of kids club’s, something that I have touched on before in an earlier blog post Does Colchester care about the disabled?

So has it improved?

The answer is no, in fact, it has gotten worse. In my last blog my criticism was directed towards the websites and they have now improved, however, actual provision and physical kid’s clubs have been reduced.

Funding for Stepping Stones and Mistley Kids Club in Manningtree has regressed, so now I can not even pay for my son…

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