The “F” Word

Erin Summers Norman

It started innocently enough.  I was scanning my timeline on twitter.  A comment jumped out at me:

“I wish feminists would focus on pulling women up rather than tearing men down.” @Sargon_of_Akkad

At first I thought there was no point in replying, because I have recently had so much abuse from the MRA.  But then I thought – hey – this man seems to be expressing an emotion akin to building bridges.  So I’ll try to explain the feminist perspective.  That’s what twitter is all about, right?

I replied “I wish men would consider themselves feminist so women didn’t have to fight”.  That was my mistake.  In the half an hour or so since then I have had dozens of abusive messages.  As soon as they began rolling in, I politely replied to all saying “Please remove me from this convo, thanks”, again, giving them the chance to do the…

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