Sexism & Europe: Why I’ve been quiet of late

portrait-of-little-girl-crying-and-sobbing_vj8jawaqf__s0000I’ve been very quiet on the Twitter since the recent Colchester elections.  To be honest, they burned me out.  I got so drawn in that I lost focus on actual human thoughts and was found babbling about Greenstead Ward in the lean-to, hovering over litter trays.

My regular life, outside of doing Colcestrian stuff, is quite complicated and of course includes everything that matters more to me than local or national politics.  I have a family who rely upon me and despite being very socially-involved themselves (even the 9yo boy) still suffered politics-itis over the month I was churning out Q&As with the Council Candidates.

It was a very worthwhile event, and though I won’t say it was responsible for changing the face of local politics, it engaged a lot of people and became a topic of conversation in itself.  It surprised me.

But now, I am burnt out.  I’m still subjecting myself to politics, but I’m not having to battle getting some sleep with pushing the next blog out.  In fact, there’s the rub in a way… I don’t want to blog, and there are two reasons.  These two reasons are more linked than at first they appear, and you saw them in the title above.

1 – Sexism.  Twitter is dominated by men.  In that sense, it does of course reflect the rest of the known universe. I’ve seen women on it.  Therefore I know they exist in the Twittersphere, but boy is it a different experience for them??!!

2 – Europe.  The EU Referendum is driving me into a rage.  I knew it would be bad, but my oh my, this is beyond bad into the realms of badddddddddd.  That’s 10 ‘d’s and something Michael Jackson would have been proud of.  But The King of Pop would be shaking his fascinating head in bewilderment at what we’ve got ourselves caught up in if he were with us still.




I am going to blog.  I’m going to put out one little thing.  I think.

So, see you soon!


The Colcestrian



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