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Colonel Camulos

Everyone seems to be a euro expert these days so here’s my 2 penny worth. I won’t be responding or debating, it’s too divisive an issue and I’m as firmly entrenched in my beliefs as my friends who disagree.

The Leave campaigns triple pronged pledges were as follows:
Freeing up 350m pounds weekly for the NHS
A reduction in immigration
Taking ‘our country back’

Within hours of the final vote being counted on Friday 24th June, the first two were dismissed. Farage appeared drunk on GMTV saying the 350m pledge was, in fact, a mistake and was quick to distance himself from it. All the while smiling like a dog trying to shit out a grapefruit.

Then it was Daniel Hannan’s turn. Having engineered a movement of anti-immigration hatred, he announced that, in fact, there was likely to be free movement in with the EU in any trade treaty, hence…

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