Tim Young – giving power back to the people of Colchester

Screenshot_20170607-085233Labour’s Tim Young is now officially​ recognised as the front runner to dislodge the surprise Tory candidate for MP who snuck in last General Election cycle.

Tim Young, a local lad (rather than a shipped in candidate targeting a marginal) has many years and family invested in our wonderful town and rather than be a mouth piece for big business interests, or parroting his party’s monotonous mantra, Tim is actually interested in working for us – the people of Colchester.

We met up with Tim for a chat and a walkabout to see how passionately he feels about getting things done and becoming our MP.

The Lib Dems used to be in power in Colchester – best part of two decades. Labour voters lent their votes to keep Colchester from joining the sea of blue that is Essex.

Now that Labour have overtaken the Libs, it’s time for their supporters to do the honours in return and vote tactically to remove the self-serving blip that is our current Tory MP.


More Tory austerity in store otherwise…

Maybe the way Essex County Council ignores our congestion problems really irks you. Something the Lib Dems never managed to sort out, and neither has the Tory MP, despite his party controlling the County.

Maybe you’re a student or have a family member who could do with not being saddled by debt for their life.

Tim is your man!

But mostly you cannot help but realise that our NHS is in crisis. The Tory MP will try to argue that he secured a million for the hospital, but in reality we all know this is a drop in the ocean when it comes to running a busy general hospital. It would have been nice if his government hadn’t stripped our poor local health services in the first place.

NHS staff are voting Labour in their millions.

Join them!

So, if you believe in your town, vote for Tim Young. He’ll have your back.

Ask yourself what has the Tory MP done to improve Colchester?

Is a retired former MP who was happy gardening and doing history walks going to have the energy required to come from third place and beat the Tory out of Colchester?

Only Tim Young and Labour will make the fair and necessary changes to our incredible home town.

For the Many, not the Few!







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