The Lemay Leveller by Erin Summers Norman

Urban Book Reviews


From the banks of the Mississippi to the streets of St. Louis, finally coming to rest in Colchester. The Lemay Leveller is a the story of one woman’s adventure from a troubled childhood, nihilistic youth and finally, triumphant middle age, weaving a thousand diary entries into a narrative that explores life, war, abuse, suicide, homelessness, religion, childhood, duty, patriotism, police violence, sexuality and yet more.

This is a book full of richly sketched characters, not the least of which is Lemay itself. A beautifully rundown area of a divided city “made for the John Waters films that circulated like guide books.” The Lemay Leveller examines society one person at a time, calling on us all to recognise our part in the greater story.

While harrowing at times, The Lemay Leveller never loses its sense of humour, bringing the reader along on a journey full of music, passion, and wry…

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