A Short Blog on Biology

Here is a fact:

Those who were biologically born with male bodies just do not have to deal with the bizarre and extreme things as those who were biologically born with female bodies.

In my mis-spent youth I have overheard, in dingy grotty Southend pubs, men with a full week’s stubble on their otherwise bald heads, threaten other men saying “You’ll be pissing blood tomorrow mate!”

I have to admit if I were passing blood when I used the lavatory, I would be concerned.

But, those with female bodies, no matter what gender they identify as, have to deal with passing blood from before they hit their teens, most commonly.

If you have that connection with the earthy and gory reality of human life from such an early age, it must affect you.  These people are strong in a way that the swarthy oaf I recall from my younger days couldn’t possibly understand.

The female body was made to create and hold life – the sloughing process that follows the monthly cycles (28 day cycle if they’re lucky, 10 day cycle if they’re not…) is a constant reminder that we are fragile and wet beings.  We are connected to a very visceral life on a planet of other people.

The process is also rather upsetting to wake up to.  That first trip to the bathroom isn’t just a scratching-your-privates-and-releasing-your-gasses walk of sleepiness.  It’s a horror show.

Think also of the poor little ones who meet their first period without forewarning or very little preparation and how it seems to them.  What a pivotal shaking moment that is in their lives.

So this is just a little call out to those of you who are strong, and have to deal with that stuff all the time.  You’re powerful, you’re continuing the human race, you’re loved.

Well done.

And you oafs, who haven’t considered this before… go find someone buying their sanitary products and shake them by the hand for the enormous amount of biological hardship they go through which you don’t.

You don’t even have to keep shaving your heads…